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Performance - 2.3.3

We noticed that your screenshot(s) do not sufficiently reflect your app in use.

We've attached the screenshot(s) for your reference.

Next Steps

Please revise your screenshots to ensure that they accurately reflect the app in use. 

Please ensure you have made any screenshot modifications using Media Manager. You should confirm your app looks and behaves identically in all languages and on all supported devices. Use Media Manager to add custom screenshots for each display size and localization.

Since your iTunes Connect Application State is Rejected, a new binary will be required. Make the desired metadata changes when you upload the new binary.

NOTE: Please be sure to make any metadata changes to all App Localizations by selecting each specific localization and making appropriate changes.

If you have difficulty reproducing a reported issue, please try testing the workflow described in Technical Q&A QA1764: How to reproduce bugs reported against App Store submissions.

If you have code-level questions after utilizing the above resources, you may wish to consult with Apple Developer Technical Support. When the DTS engineer follows up with you, please be ready to provide:
- complete details of your rejection issue(s)
- screenshots
- steps to reproduce the issue(s)
symbolicated crash logs - if your issue results in a crash log

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